Extracting useful data from AndroidManifest.xml
The AndroidManifest.xml file carries a wealth of information that can be useful - Permissions, Services, Receivers to name a few.
There are a multitude of options available to extract information from AndroidManifest file but one solution stands out if we are thinking of automating or script creation point of view - the python package AxmlParserPY.
  • Download:
  • https://github.com/kzjeef/AxmlParserPY
  • Install:
  • sudo python -m pip install AxmlParserPY-0.01.tar.gz
Here is a simple python script that extracts the following:
  • Package name
  • Services
  • Receivers
  • Activities
  • Permissions

import axmlparserpy.apk as apk
ap = apk.APK('path_to_apk')
print "Package - ",ap.get_package()
print "Services - ",ap.get_services()
print "Receivers - ",ap.get_receivers()
print "Activities - ",ap.get_activities()
print "Permissions - ",ap.get_permissions()

Quite simple isn't it ?