Straight from the portal - Koodous is a collaborative platform that combines the power of online analysis tools with social interactions between the analysts over a vast APKs repository.

As of writing this post there are 11,593,133 APKs on the portal with 3,742,546 detections added by a community of researchers. Thats a lot of data for anyone interested in exploring Android malware landscape.

Some interesting aspects that prodive a wealth of information on this portal are:
  • Rulesets - Koodous uses YARA to identify and classify malware. If one analyzes a couple of similar malware samples and creates a generic rule it will catch a good number of samples that may be part of a specific campaign. Many rules can be seen that catch 100+ samples thereby providing a good insight into malware campaigns

  • Researchers - Koodous has been gaining a lot of popularity among security circles, thereby there are a number of researchers who post APKs and Rulesets on the portal. Its a good way to increase the circle of researchers you know

  • Malicious APKs - A huge number of APKs are uploaded on the portal on a daily basis, this gives the opportunity to analyze new interesting malicious samples

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