Dealing with Obfuscated malware like Gustuff
Modifying and Signing an apk
List of permissions in Android 9 (API level 28)
Uninstall an app with device admin
Steps post VM creation
Frida setup steps
Quick Note - Connect a device with adb over Wifi
Android decompilation tools
Koodous Rulesets
Extract useful data from AndroidManifest.xml
Quick Note - Reset Mysql password
Androguard Tutorial
Bookmarks - Permissions and API calls
One line basics
Android Malware

Time line 2020
Pre-installed malware found on an Android Gretel device
Reddit story on an Gretel device infected by Adware
ApexLegends Spyware
Time line 2019
Time line 2018
Android Marcher sample hints at a new component
Another variant of BankBot with new C2
Time line 2017
Marcher continues to evolve further
Time line 2016
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