Getting up and ready with Frida
Make sure the server and client versions are the same. The setup did not work once when the versions were different. For this blog I am using the version 10.7.7
  • Grab the frida client - sudo pip install frida
  • Grab the frida server -
    (ver 10.7.7 for this blog) -
The setup
  • Push the server on the device
    $ adb push frida-server /data/local/tmp/
    $ adb shell
  • Run this server on the device
    $ su
    # cd /data/local/tmp
    # chmod 755 frida-server-10.7.7-android-arm
    # ./frida-server-10.7.7-android-arm
Test the connection from the host machine
  • frida-ps -U
    This should give a result with list of processes running on the device

  • Trace calls done by an app
    frida-trace -i "open" -U

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